Home Page

Since Facebook, Blogger and whatever else came along, there is not really much of a requirement for a personal web page anymore. So these pages will just have bits and bobs of my coding, things I make and links to my other websites.

I will blog about my outreach activities on brainwaves.jannetta.com and everything else here.

I am a mother of two, an academic, a software engineer, a bioinformatician and a maker. I love playing with electronics, drawing (very seldom), playing music (haven’t for a long time though), archery, martial arts and a general nutcase.


http://brainwaves.jannetta.com – where I’ll blog about my outreach activities

http://www.henning.org – our family website which I have been maintaining for the last 20+ years. My uncle does the research, my cousin helps him get the stuff on a computer and I publish what they make on the website.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jannetta-steyn-95068624 – LinkedIn. I don’t really accept invitations from total strangers.

http://newcastle.academia.edu/JannettaSteyn – some silly website that is supposed to maintain a list of my papers but spends more time asking me for money and my list (as short as it is) is never up to date. I’ll maintain a proper one here on my website.