A list of my publications. Still short, but hopefully growing …


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  1. 2014 Poster at Neuroscience 2014 Modelling the Pyloric Circuit under Dopamine Jannetta S Steyn, Thomas Alderson, Peter Andras
  2. 2013 Poster at Neuroscience 2013 Multi-electrode array recording of the crab stomatogastric ganglion J.S. Steyn, C.A. Harris, G.Kemenes, P. Andras
  3. 2012 Poster at Neuroscience 2012 Investigation of the role of dopamine in the re-organisation of functional neural circuits in the context of learning a conditional behavioural association Jannetta Steyn & Peter Andras
  4. 2011 Poster at Neuroscience 2011 Are the activities of crustacean STG neurons of the same class equivalent under neuromodulatory conditions? J.S. Steyn, W. Stein, C. Staedele, P Andras