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These CrabLab posts spawn from my PhD research, Analysis and modelling of the PY complex in the pyloric circuit of the crab stomatogastric ganglion. As the topic suggests, it had something to do with crabs – the crustacean type, not the insect type. And yes, I had to suffer through the obvious, hints jokes and […]

CRABLAB Experiments

Imaging Di-4 ANEPPS: 20 µl to 1ml in well around desheathed STG for 20 minutes Use 20 x objective One high res picture + 3 low res pictures   Dopamine experiment Start with 10-6M dopamine solution. 10 minutes perfusion Image: 1 high res + 3 low res 10-4 DA solution 10 minutes perfusion Image: 1 high res + […]


From January 2010 to March 2016 I did a PhD in Computational Neuroscience.  You can download the MatLab model that I created for this from here: