These CrabLab posts spawn from my PhD research, Analysis and modelling of the PY complex in the pyloric circuit of the crab stomatogastric ganglion. As the topic suggests, it had something to do with crabs – the crustacean type, not the insect type. And yes, I had to suffer through the obvious, hints jokes and […]

555 tester

I was building a MidiSprout that uses a 555 and something wasn’t working. So to make sure the 555 was okay I built a 555 tester. It turns out the breadboard has a problem. But now I have a 555 tester for future use. When I get around to it I’ll upload an image of […]

Fume Extractor

For a while now I wanted to make a fume extractor using a laser cutter for the box but I didn’t have access to a laser cutter. We now have a Makerspace at the university and so, eventually, I have been able to get my box made. It’s made up of a 12V PC fan, […]

Arduino dice version 2

I have now improved on my Arduino dice by adding a second digit. The code can be found below. I have streamlined the code a bit but I left the constants in place so that it is easy to keep track of which pin is connected to which led segment. I get confused easily so […]

When I’m stressed I build things.

Some people go for a walk, some people to to the pub but when I’m stressed I build things. My son and I like playing board games but those dice always go rolling all over the place. To solve the problem and to “de-stress” myself I built and Arduino dice. There are loads of circuits […]

Burning a bootloader onto an ATMega328

To be able to offer some DIY Arduinos I have been getting things ready to sell little kits when I visit places with my STEM activities. In trying to keep prices low I thought I’d buy bare ATMega328 chips and then load the bootloader onto them myself. And voilah!! I’ve done it with an Arduino […]

Arduino Core Kit

You can buy complete Arduino or you can have more fun and build one yourself. What you will need: 4 x 100 nF capacitors 2 x 22 pF capacitors 1 x 10 uF electrolytic capacitor 1 x button 1 x 10K ohm resistor (brown, black, orange) 1 x 100 ohm resistor (brown, black, brown) 1 […]


APRIL 15, 2016 A few years ago my son was preparing for his GCSE German exam. He had trouble remembering his vocabulary and so I decided to write a program that would help him. He could easily add or remove words. Since he passed the exam I would say that the program did its job. […]

CRABLAB Experiments

Imaging Di-4 ANEPPS: 20 µl to 1ml in well around desheathed STG for 20 minutes Use 20 x objective One high res picture + 3 low res pictures   Dopamine experiment Start with 10-6M dopamine solution. 10 minutes perfusion Image: 1 high res + 3 low res 10-4 DA solution 10 minutes perfusion Image: 1 high res + […]