Month: October 2018

555 tester

I was building a MidiSprout that uses a 555 and something wasn’t working. So to make sure the 555 was okay I built a 555 tester. It turns out the breadboard has a problem. But now I have a 555 tester for future use. When I get around to it I’ll upload an image of […]

Fume Extractor

For a while now I wanted to make a fume extractor using a laser cutter for the box but I didn’t have access to a laser cutter. We now have a Makerspace at the university and so, eventually, I have been able to get my box made. It’s made up of a 12V PC fan, […]

Arduino dice version 2

I have now improved on my Arduino dice by adding a second digit. The code can be found below. I have streamlined the code a bit but I left the constants in place so that it is easy to keep track of which pin is connected to which led segment. I get confused easily so […]

When I’m stressed I build things.

Some people go for a walk, some people to to the pub but when I’m stressed I build things. My son and I like playing board games but those dice always go rolling all over the place. To solve the problem and to “de-stress” myself I built and Arduino dice. There are loads of circuits […]

Burning a bootloader onto an ATMega328

To be able to offer some DIY Arduinos I have been getting things ready to sell little kits when I visit places with my STEM activities. In trying to keep prices low I thought I’d buy bare ATMega328 chips and then load the bootloader onto them myself. And voilah!! I’ve done it with an Arduino […]

Arduino Core Kit

You can buy complete Arduino or you can have more fun and build one yourself. What you will need: 4 x 100 nF capacitors 2 x 22 pF capacitors 1 x 10 uF electrolytic capacitor 1 x button 1 x 10K ohm resistor (brown, black, orange) 1 x 100 ohm resistor (brown, black, brown) 1 […]


APRIL 15, 2016 A few years ago my son was preparing for his GCSE German exam. He had trouble remembering his vocabulary and so I decided to write a program that would help him. He could easily add or remove words. Since he passed the exam I would say that the program did its job. […]

CRABLAB Experiments

Imaging Di-4 ANEPPS: 20 µl to 1ml in well around desheathed STG for 20 minutes Use 20 x objective One high res picture + 3 low res pictures   Dopamine experiment Start with 10-6M dopamine solution. 10 minutes perfusion Image: 1 high res + 3 low res 10-4 DA solution 10 minutes perfusion Image: 1 high res + […]


APRIL 15, 2016 Compiling and installing bwa version 0.7.12-r1039 Download the source from Sourceforge to some directory where you can unpack and compile. Say it is your home directory: cd /home/jannetta Unpack the code: bunzip2 bwa-0.7.12.tar.bz2 tar xvf bwa-0.7.12.tar If you have not yet installed make, gcc and zlib then do so now: sudo apt-get make sudo […]