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Jannetta Steyn

jannetta.steyn_1405415606_06 Once again I have to move hosting companies. Anyone who puts the price up from about £1.50 to about £14.00 per month, even if it was an introductory offer, is obviously loosing the plot. So, so long iPage. They had good support but it is not worth being ripped off for it.

I used WordPress for a few of my websites, including jannetta.com, but these prove to be a major train smash to move and thus, I have to redo my pages. This time I'll stick to plain html. I'm getting pretty tired of these website that take forever to load because of all the fancy things that are supposed to be happening on them and hence the decision to keep it simple.

I completed my PhD in Computational Neuroscience in March 2016 at Newcastle University. Until 2009 I was mainly involved in software development. In September 2009 I decided to make a change from business software to something more exciting and of consequence. I was awarded a BBSRC scholarship to do a full-time MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology. Having enjoyed the year so much that I didn’t want to leave uni, I decided to continue and fulfil a lifelong dream of completing a PhD. The School of Computing Science at Newcastle University offered me a studentship to do a PhD doing large scale data analysis and computational modelling of the neurons in the stomatogastric ganglion of the brown crab.

Since the beginning of 2015 I have been working full-time in the Bioinformatics Support Unit at Newcastle University as a bioinformatician. Embedded at the Institute for Genetic Medicine, my task is to assist with the computational analysis of genomic data.

I also run a small business from home and towards the end of 2013 I became a registered STEM Ambassador with STEMnet. My STEM activities can be followed on my Brainwaves blog, the link to which can be found below.

I also maintain our family genealogical website. The actual research is done by my uncle, Olivier Henning. The website can be viewed at http://www.henning.org.

FlashCards: I just wrote this program for my son to learn his German vocabulary. It is written in Java and should run on any computer that has the latest Java Runtime Engine installed. Click here for more information and downloading the program.


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